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Our lathe machines are manufactured with high-quality components. The lathe machines that we offer are appropriate for heavy industrial work, as it contains a large chuck-bench. The gears are easily changeable. We have designed our lathes to be user-friendly, so people having different skill levels can use them conveniently. Our lathes make very little noise and can serve any industry because of their smooth operations. Furthermore, you will see minimal to no vibration in our machines because we use components made of high-quality cast iron. With our lathe machines, you can perform projects with varying degrees of specifications.

WMW Machinery designs machines that work for a variety of industries. We are specialists in manufacturing milling, boring, grinding machines, and CNC cutters. Our clients have been with us through this long journey. Our professionals and highly-skilled engineers are always working to come up with improved designs and use the most fitting materials to make our machines long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free.

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