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Our CNC routers yield high performance and are designed to deliver unmatched performance. Since our routers contain additional controlled axes, many of our machines can combine the power of pouring, cutting, tapering, drilling, and more. You can use our routers with materials such as metal, steel, plastic, etc. Our router machines are equipped with a vacuum pump and vacuum table. The spindles are high-powered with up to 20 kW and our versatile router can perform engraving jobs that is perfect for manufacturing large 3D designs.

Our CNC cutter machines are all you require for metal cutting operations while minimizing time consumption and delivering the highest level of accuracy. Our cutter machines can operate with efficiency and deliver trouble-free operation for many years.

We aim to operate as an expansion of your organization, where we work together to meet your requirements and deliver suitable solutions. Our precision and quality make us the the leading industrial machinery manufacturer. Machines that we manufacture can offer you cost-effective products. Our experienced and professional engineers are experts in providing the exact solutions that meet your industry’s specific requirements.

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