• 513 Acorn Street, Unit B, Deer Park, NY 11729 USA


• Complex body casting with a combination of both box and angular internal ribbing. Bed structure is at least 1/3 more rigid than machines of common design
• The underside of guide way is coated with TSF anti-friction material, helping the lathes achieve easier movement and longer service life
• Convenient and concentrated operation design with rapid feeding device
• Max. 130mm(5″) of spindle bore can be supplied to enlarge the capacity of machining
• Flexible configuration to meet customer’s requirement  in different countries such as North America, CE of Europe, CSA/UL
• Aesthetic appearance easy maintenance
• Inside of the headstock has a forced lubrication system that uses hydraulic oil, as result all moving parts are constantly lubricated
• Separate coolant system is included with the machine