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Our MCL and VMC series machine center is flexible enough for any industrial sector. Our machine centers have high-quality parts that deliver the desired results competitively, reliably, and quickly. WMW Machinery’s horizontal and vertical machine centers offer many benefits when cutting metals.

Our machine centers have a large tool diameter and long Y-axis stroke to increase productivity. The high rigidity column and bed help in enhancing the cutting performance. Due to the increased number of spindle specifications that are available in our machine centers, you can use them for a wide range of workpiece materials. We have introduced linear drives instead of the ball screws, so your machine works like new even after several years.

WMW Machinery has a wide variety of machines for almost every industry. While we have some of the best milling and drilling machines for our clients, we also stock machine centers, lathe lines, and rotary tables that deserve your attention. Our machines are built to last and maximize productivity, no your production and manufacturing floors.

MCL SeriesCNC Milling

VMC SeriesCNC Vertical